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Question and answer

2010-01-07 20:22:24 by pixelsoffreedom

Q: Do you listen to music? What genre do you prefer?

A: Well, I usually don't listen to music, I tend to just enjoy the silence. Still, sometimes, during night time, under the moonspell, I can hear iron maidens singing near that old lake of tears. They read from their diaries of dreams stories about future apocalyptical times. They say that Tiamat followers will rise against the machine when they will receive the sign from their goddess. So, when the bitter moon will shine again, brighter than the sun, all humankind will face terrible times, Earth turning into a theatre of tragedies- there will be no stairway to heaven, no more diamonds shining, no roses, only guns, trails of tears and a large highway to hell. But after that, when every sin of thy beloved will have been paid and when the last brick from the wall of anger removed, all will step on the path of the gods, on their way to nirvana.
I know what you're thinking, so much nonsense, maybe all those quijote stories I listen have a weird placebo effect on me.